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Who made your swimsuit?

When a brand / company promotes the importance of kindness, compassion,  women empowerment and ethical practices, it shouldn't just extend to the end user of the product. 

Everything I do here for Salté has been moulded on the core values of leadership, compassion and love. This filters right down from how I interact with suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, models and influencers and, of course, my beautiful customers. Kindness is what makes the world go around, and I intend to sprinkle that through every single interaction I have.

Surely I am not the only person in the world who has been mislead to believe that a brand follows ethical and empowering practices in all aspects of their business? Discovering the true conditions in which their products are made, and the lack of compassion shown to workers can be oh so disheartening.
The only way to truly demonstrate that Salté is based on ethics and morale is rather simple: transparency. So, why not share a few snaps, videos and shine some light on all things Salté, and chat about timelines, wages and worker's entitlements.
More about our team:
- Seamstresses are encouraged to hand-make each swimsuit slowly and carefully. Our beautiful worker's income is not based on the amount or garments they produce. This means that they are not pressured to reach a certain quantity by a certain time, which essentially means that they are able to pour as much love and passion into each and every garment they perfect. It makes every piece so much more special knowing it's not rushed. 
- Employees receive medical insurance and maternity leave. I don't need to explain the importance of these two points. It is a must have at all workplaces and manufacturers we work with. 
- Employees work in a well ventilated, well lit and spacious working space. More airflow and natural lighting makes for a happier & healthy team.
- The factory owner himself was a seamstress for 10 years. He prides himself in his ability to care, understand, listen and respect his workers and their needs because he’s been there before.
- Our small manufacturing team is made up evenly of women and men, with no difference in pay based on gender.
- Our team has regular staff parties, special awards nights and team holidays. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and have a little more insight into whose hands are actually responsible for the construction of your Salté Swimsuits, Activewear & Flares. To me, the livelihood of those who make our designs come to life are of equal importance of those who wear them. 

Often we are all so disconnected from the production of our garments - the fashion industry focuses purely on the finished product, yet we forget or are uneducated on the history of how that product was given life. I feel we should be asking questions and getting to know the history of our purchases. It will help us to develop and appreciation of what we wear and purchase, all with the hope of eliminating fast fashion and unethical practices. 

I can't wait until COVID is over and I can travel again. My goal is to travel to our factory to meet with our team face to face and capture the magic in the making.

So much love,
Sharna,  x x 


  • This is awesome to know, thank you for a wonderful sustainable brand.

    Jasminder Daley
  • Really good to know. Well done 👏👏❤️

    Marie Hupfeld

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