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Chasing Waterfalls with Kendall Williams

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day is firstly, waking up feeling refreshed, enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with my loving boyf and our fur baby Jaffles. Soaking up the sun, reading a book and throwing the frisbee. 🌞Spending the evening practicing yoga at the Redhead Wellness Sanctuary to wind down and ensuring I finish the day with a reasonable bed time to recharge for the next day 🌟

Top 3 songs at the moment

- Stolen dance - Milky Chance

- Anything Lewis Capaldi 😻

- Rushing Back - Vera + Flume

 Best ways to practice self care/ self love

Listen to your body and don’t ignore any warning signs of mental/physical instability. Be yourself always! Spend your time, energy and focus on people and activities that bring you joy. Relax. Know that earth will keep on turning and whatever stress you experience will eventually pass. Keep your passions and don’t stop loving. Never stop loving. 🌈

Fave mantra or quote

“If we spend our lives waiting to be ready, waiting to feel more secure, waiting to be more “perfect” before we go out - we will be waiting forever! You don’t need to be perfect. You are ready now. Trust the process and don’t let your fear stop you from getting where you want to be” - @risingwoman

Why’d you choose Salté?

Salté’s mission, values and vision is something that I am quite passionate about and hold close to my heart. They include and promote all body/skin types and wearing their brand makes me feel proud of who I am no matter how many scars my body may bear. Salté are very passionate about their journey of sustainability and eco-friendliness in hope to make a difference and do their part for our environment! 🌱

Kendall wears our Maggie Frill Top + Stevie High Bottoms in Moon Daisy
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