The beginning

We thought it was time to share glimpses of inspiration behind the bohemian swimwear label SALTÉ.

Why not start by telling you a little about how it all began?

My name is Sharna Hupfeld, and I’m 23 years old. I have lived in a beautiful hinterland town on the Gold Coast my whole life.

I have always been a creative little soul! I used to spend my lunch breaks at school in the art rooms, making and selling candles, designing and sewing clothing for myself and for friends, and playing around with the camera & paints. Luckily for me, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I take after my dad. He is an amazing sign writer and artist. Growing up with an art studio bigger than our house meant that I was constantly exposed to his whacky ideas, creations & works, which definitely inspired me to keep creative.

I graduated from Queensland College of Art in 2013!  After uni, I started warehouse, and design work for a local clothing brand.  While I was there I was packing orders, designing marketing material, and working on the back end of the website. It was awesome, but I was only needed about 2-3 days a week, and I wanted more. So, I managed to land a job designing prints for another local label. 
It wasn’t until this point that I realised my growing love and fascination with textile design and fashion design.

I’m absolutely head over heels with the ocean and completely obsessed with bikinis.
 (My bikini collection is too big for my draws, so I had to get a blanket box!) My heart pumps for these things. I have always wanted to mold my career around my lifestyle

Salté was my answer.

Don’t get me wrong – It wasn’t as simple as, quitting my job, starting a label, and wa-la, Salté every one.

I had invested so much of myself into Salté, whether it was the website, the photoshoots, finding a trustworthy manufacturer, who understood my vision, creating social media pages – all while working a couple of extra jobs on the side (so I could live haha). I worked on Salté for around 7 months before I launched it to the public. I got samples made from all different locations around the world, and spent endless late nights working to perfect everything!

People often ask where I find inspiration. Saltés finds inspiration in everything! I pride Salté on its unique textiles and print designs. These designs represent freedom, beauty, strength, individuality and confidence. Each print has a different meaning and significance! My first range ‘Go Your Own Wave’ was exploring my love for nature, and the elements, wind, water, earth, and sun. While my current range ‘Dérive’ explores my desire to travel the world, full heartedly. Dérive, is an “unplanned journey through a landscape, in which participants drop their everyday relation and let themselves be drawn by the encounters they find on the journey.”

I want to keep being inspired and creative. My list of goals and plans for Salté is endless and I am excited to work on future collections!! Obviously, my main goal is to stay authentic and true to myself and I really want that to reflect through Salté.

It’s a really cool feeling spending my days off of work in the sunshine, wearing my own designs as I dive under the waves at the beach, but it’s even cooler when I’m at the post office shipping international orders to all of the beautiful people out there!

I am so thankful for those who have supported my journey so far. So many of my colleagues and friends have given me their time and energy, just to help me make my visions come to life.

I will forever be grateful for the kind words, love, support & hugs from my lovely family, friends & boyfriend, Tommy!

I can’t wait to continue creating, and show you what I’ve got!

Sharna xx