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Little Ray of Sunshine ~ Alicia Romijn

3 things you’re most passionate about. 
1. Self love 💓 
2. Sustainability & the environment
3. Mental health awareness

How do you practice self-care / self love?
I take time for myself and listen to what I need. I like to  journal, writing literally whatever comes to my mind, painting, being in the ocean, dancing around the house, singing loudly in the car, choosing an affirmation a day from my deck, moving my body at the gym & spending quality time with the people I love. All these things I try to practice when I can depending on what I need & it all improves my mindset and mental health. I think the best way to practice self care/self love is just to do things that make you happy and fill up your cup, which looks different for everyone. 

Any tips on how to be confident?
For me, being confident is a new experience. I’ve never loved my body or my self enough to be confident. The last year I worked really hard to become the person I wanted to be and found things that eased my anxiety and self doubt. I found that comfort in the gym and becoming stronger along with surrounding myself with positive and supportive people & energy. My tip is that when your happy on the inside, it shines through on the outside. Do what makes you happy! As long as your happy, healthy & moving your body, your size or anything else doesn’t matter. You radiate and attract positive energy. 

What does the world need more of? 
I think in a time where we are always looking at a screen and posting. We need to be more present with each other. Show people we care, check in on our friends, hold them tight & tell people that we love them. We need more love & compassion, for ourselves, people around us and people who are different to us. 

Why’d you choose Salté?
Well I love Sharna & supporting women with small businesses who are passionate about what they do. But also, I love that salte practices what they preach. In a world where fashion is one of the biggest polluters, salte is doing everything possible to create sustainable swimwear and practices throughout the business. Salte embraces all body types and it’s incredible to find swimwear that embraces all the curves, lumps & bumps! ❤️

Alicia wears our Maggie Frill Top + Stevie High Bottoms in Moon Daisy
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