Meet Marianne

Meet the beautiful Marianne Roussety.


Her and her boyfriend Ben are the creators of The Createscape – a personal blog that truly inspires the youth of today to stay creative, all of while there’s so much hustle and bustle that surrounds us.

These two are certainly on the adventurous side, and we love it! They converted a 14 seater van, into a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, office, and garage. They named it Trev (best name ev).
In Trev, they live the simple life, making their way through the open roads: traveling, learning, exploring, and creating.

Between the two, Marianne & Ben both create absolute magic through their works and explorations. Ben, is a whizz behind the lens, and has a stunning ability to capture beautiful moments. While Marianne has found her niche, painting abstracts! She has a raw, natural and refreshing look in front of the lens.
Together they make the perfect pair.


We are so excited to be meeting and collaborating with these two legends on Thursday the 20th of October! Salté will be hitting the road, heading south to Byron Bay for a fun little shoot. The location is a secret for now, but it’s something that we have dreamed of for a long long time!

Stay tuned & Happy Sunday.

Sharna, X

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Oh, and don’t forget to follow Ben & Marianne on insta! You won’t regret it!