Introducing Mai Mai to you, and to Salté Summer!

This hand-crafted range is based on the excitement of discovery whilst exploring the unknown.

Inspired by intricate textures, bold colours, vintage fabrics, and secret spaces.

Could you believe that one café had such an impact to create this whole collection?
Walking around the streets of Chiang Mai, trying to kill some time before our next flight, when out of nowhere, we found it ~

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle.. lay a nook in the wall. A staircase painted with daisies, rustic bench seats, and the most gorgeous vintage textile cushions.
It was as though we had just walked into a place of my dreams. It’s unplanned moments like these that make the adventure of life so wonderful.

This campaign is extremely close to my heart. It grasps the concept of beauty found whilst wandering beyond our own comfortability; inspiring my creative direction to do the same.
Capturing natural goddess Grace Shepherd was both thrilling and beautiful.

Mai Mai, is a time to wander.


Muse: Grace Shepherd
Photos: Sharna Hupfeld