Girl with guts!


I was lucky enough to meet Jess at Griffith University in 2011.
You know those people who feel like sunshine? That’s Jess to a t ~ she’s bright, bubbly, enthusiastic, strong and just an absolute gem of a human.
In 2012 Jess was Diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis. For 5 years Jess has been in and out of hospital  battling this disease. Until, earlier this year she underwent surgery to remove her large intestine, leaving her with an ostomy bag.
Recently we sat down and had a chat before heading to the beach ~ she explained that she didn’t want her physical flaws to hold her back from enjoying life.
We live in such an image conscious world, with social media adding to the idea and pressures that all women have to be, and should be perfect.
Not only is Jess raising awareness for people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, but she is encouraging and helping everyone else who has flaws that they are afraid of showing.

Jess is currently back in hospital, undergoing a second operation to remove her bag.
You can follow Jess and her journey on Instagram – @_jessadrienne

Bikinis Worn:
– Tide Reversible Braided Top & Braided Bottoms
– Sundance Set


Sharna x x x