Endless Summer

Oh Summer, thank goodness you’re finally here!
We’ve missed your warm sun shining days, and hot balmy nights!

Roaming the beach in nothing but a bikini, the absence of shoes, the sun kissed hair, the salt drenched skin, the ice-cold fruity beverages and the endless adventures shared amongst friends.

To celebrate the begging of our favourite season, we put together a little Summer inspo board, full of our favourite summer moments and our favourite Salté bikinis.

Oh, and as a gift from us, here’s a free shipping code:ENDLESSSUMMER

~ it expires on the 3rd of December, so be quick lovers & don’t miss out.

Sharna xx



Summer Muses: Bee Cooper, Allana Booth, Taylor Raffaut
Photographers: Tess Leopold, Sharna Hupfeld
Bikinis: Yours truly, www.salte.com.au
Extra Images via Pinterest